My name is Jim Downer.

 I am a Songwriter, Singer, and Musician.

 My first CD, LIVIN' IN THE LIGHT, is a collection of

 7 spiritual songs to create a journey of Prayer.

 The progression begins with a prayer for Peace.

 The next song is an invitation to not just pray, but to listen as well.

 We then surrender to God's Will.

 Doing this, we can let go of fear and live "In The Light".

 We acknowledge the blessings in our lives and give thanks.

 We then dedicate and re-dedicate ourselves to God and service to each other as family, as

 Children of God.


My 2nd CD, "CRUISE CONTROL", is a collection of

my more humorous spiritual songs.

"HAVE YOU HEARD" is a sample of my Christmas Songs.

You can listen to all my songs (so far) on the AUDIO page.



NATIVITY, A Christmas Cantata (Preparing to record audio version)

Stage script and complete scores with 11 songs to be ready for the

emPower Music & Arts Posi Music Festival in 2020.

Still working on my Meditation CD with Native American Flute



Go to www.newvisionproductions.shutterfly.com for my images of musicians, travel and more.


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